Krissy is a mom, a fitness fanatic, and a friend. She focuses on assisting individuals reach their highest mental, emotional, and physical performance through positive thought and dedicated action.


I began my fitness journey after a very difficult twin pregnancy. After giving birth at 30 weeks to my beautiful twin girls and spending 5 weeks in the NICU with them,  I was at my heaviest, and I knew I had to change something. Working from home full-time, as well as  taking care of my new babies full-time made it impossible for me to get to the gym, like I had before I got pregnant, so I needed something new that would give me the same results from home in less time.Prenancy

I got on Pinterest and looked at workouts. I tried walking, and even a little running. I ate a little healthier, even though I felt like I was healthy eater in the first place. I saw a pound or two go here or there, but nothing stuck. Nothing worked. I was desperate! I felt out of control. I felt helpless and depressed.

I started looking for a “miracle cure” workout – something that would torch calories fast that I could do from home. I searched and searched, and all of a sudden, a video for Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire came up. I watched the video and was BLOWN AWAY. I had to try it! It looked fun, and there was a sample workout available on YouTube that was only 15 minutes long. I could do 15 minutes!

So for 60 days, I was religious with my healthy eating. I did that sample workout 6 days a week. I changed my mindset and kept telling myself, “Krissy, you are not your weight – you are what you want to become.” What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. I LOST 30 POUNDS IN 60 DAYS.

11742818_10152899449206174_243115063445170281_n (2)From then on, I was hooked. I went on to the next workout. And the next workout. My husband started to workout with me. I was always looking for the next NEW thing! It was at that point, I knew what my next step was, and that was becoming an Independent BeachBody Coach so I could help others experience the same transformation as me.

Since then, I’ve had another baby (and I lost all my baby weight within 60 days of giving birth!!!!!), and now, I’m working on inspiring and improving the lives of others as they begin or continue their personal journeys. I’m here to help, and I’d love to help you get started if you’re not quite sure what’s next for you.

Remember this: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. You are not your weight. You are a vibrant, capable human being, and if you continue to work towards loving yourself and reaching your goals, you WILL. With a little positive thinking and some steps in the right direction, we can accomplish ANYTHING.


Keep doing your thang!!!!