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Start Making Money From Anywhere Without Reporting to An Office or Answering to a Boss... and Start Seeing Money Within Your First Week! 


...Imagine being able to stay at home with your kids while making the money you need to support your family.

...Imagine being able to leave your 9-5 and live your life on your terms.

...Imagine having the freedom to travel and take time off when you wanted to, without approvals.

...Imagine Making a HUGE difference with your services for businesses all over the world 

...Imagine doing all of this AND making 5-6 figures in your FIRST YEAR!


People are changing their lives and making an impact for businesses every day by becoming social media managers! Let me show you how to start making money RIGHT NOW
(and I literally mean RIGHT NOW...Today!)

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I just wanted you to know that you have legitimately changed my life. Because of you, I just put in my two weeks notice for my current job to do this full-time. Thank you!”

- Adam M.

Hey! I'm Krissy,
a full-time social media manager and content creator.

...But before I started my social media management business, I was broke, sick, and wishing for more in my life. My husband, me, and my four kids had just moved across the country, I was suffering from Lupus flare-ups daily, my sweet husband was temporarily unemployed, and we were living with family to get by.

One day, after watching our bank account drop down to $22 and wondering how on EARTH we would make it to our next meager payment date a week later, I decided to make a change... I HAD to make a change. I stayed up all night and created what became my social media sales profile, posted it online, and went to bed, thinking I would do more the next day.

...Imagine my surprise when I woke up to 10 new messages from businesses wanting my services!!!!!!!!!

My "accidental business" went on to making me thousands of dollars IN MY FIRST MONTH ONLINE. We moved out of our family members' home into our own house and were able to give our kids the Christmas we never thought we'd be able to give them ALL WITHIN 4 WEEKS OF STARTING MY BUSINESS.

Today, I run a successful, one-man marketing agency that continues to grow, year after year, where I make the rules, I make my hours, and I control my income. I want to show you how to do the same thing!



This is what social media managing and business managing can do for you, and you don't need a social media following, a fancy website, or techy skills to do it!




LIVE weekly webinar – ask me anything!!  - $997/Month Value!

Webinar Topics:

  • LIVE Q&A Sessions - Submit a Question OR Ask Me Anything LIVE on the call!
  • Website and Copy Reviews for you or For Your Clients
  • Up-and-Coming Social Media Trends to Help you Serve Your Customers at the Highest Level Possible
  • Website Building Mastery (even if you have ZERO experience in web design!)
  • Video Editing Hacks
  • Email Management
  • Graphic Design - Best Practices and Tips AND fresh Done-For You Templates Every Month (Swipe and Use!)
  • Pricing Guide for you OR for a client you are managing
  • Group Q&A Sessions – Ask me anything!
  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Hacks to Make Your Job Easier
  • Website, Profile, and Page Reviews
  • Beginner SEO (An EASY upsell, by the way!)
  • Time Management Mastery
  • Sales Copy Mastery
  • Ad Management Tips and Tricks
  • Google MAPS Management (Another Easy Upsell!)
  • Logo Design (Even If You’ve Never Tried it Before!)
  • Customer Retention and Upselling



NEW! Private “Master Manager’s Academy” Facebook Group – Opens January 5, 2021! $197/month Value!

Bounce ideas off of other Master Managers, share graphics, and engage in discussion! You can even ask me questions between webinar sessions in this group. This is one thing you do NOT want to miss out on – you will not find this level of support for social media managers anywhere else!

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The Master Manager's Academy Facebook Group Includes...

  • Access to recordings of LIVE group coaching calls
  • Social Media updates to keep you at the top of your game
  • New templates to swipe and use for your clients every single month!
  • Email and website copy
  • Graphics for flyers, quote graphics, and more
  • High-performing ad copy and graphics
  • "Copy-and-Paste" social media posts to save you time and energy!
  • Success strategies for nearly every industry you can think of!
  • Constant support From Me
  • Community that supports you and encourages you every step of the way
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BONUS - Get COMPLETE ACCESS to my full-length course, “The Social Media Manager Quick Start”
$397 Value!

Module #1 – Research & Setup

  • Setting Up Your Seller Account for Success – Start-To-Finish Guide
  • Keyword Targeting Hacks for Pros
  • Master Copy Secrets & “Hot Terms” to Acquire Paying Clients Almost Instantly and Create an Unbeatable Seller Profile
DVD Image Social Media Quick Start
DVD Image Social Media Quick Start


Module #2 – Optimize and Cash In!

  • How to go from listed to FEATURED (without paying a dime in promotion costs!)
  • How to Optimize your Existing Social Media Pages So That Clients Book You Instead of the “Other Guy”

Module #3 – Grow & Learn

  • How to Build a Simple Website for Yourself in 1-Day or Less (And How to Start Selling This Service for your Clients!!)
  • How to Get FREE Tools to Simplify Your Website Build and Enhance its Features
  • How to Set Up An Email List, Get Hot Leads And Dominate Your Space Online
  • How to Set Up Auto-Bill and Never Worry About Invoicing Again!
DVD Image Social Media Quick Start


"How does billing work?" Membership is always month-to-month with no contract. If you need to cancel, just do so before your renewal date, and you're good to go!

"How do I access the weekly trainings?" Members receive weekly emails with a link to our trainings. Our Facebook group also receives lots of updates from me personally throughout the week, and the link to join will also be posted there so that you never miss it.

"Do I have to join for a certain amount of time?" Nope! 1 month or 12 months... it's up to you! Membership is, and always will be, monthly, so stay for as long as you like (but between you and I... you're going to make a lot of money in this group... so I have a feeling you and I will get to know each other pretty well)!

"Who is this membership for?" Anyone can become a social media manager! Anyone who wants to help people PLUS make amazing money from anywhere is welcome to join. You don't need a college education. You don't even need a high school diploma! You just need a good attitude, a willingness to learn, and an excitement for helping others. If that sounds like you, you'll LOVE the Master Manager's Academy!

Ready to Transform Your Life as a Social Media Manager? Let's DO THIS!