“New Year, New You!” Group

Are you SICK AND TIRED of Wearing Sweats Every Day?

Trust me – I’ve been there. I remember the day, 6 months after having my twins, where I pulled out my “big girl” pants ( you know – the ones you put on when you feel like you’re bloated and bleh) and they didn’t fit. They didn’t just “not fit,” the BUTTON POPPED OFF when I tried to fasten them!

That was a day that changed everything for me. I researched and studied, and before I knew it, I had accumulated the KEYS to losing weight. 6 weeks after that fateful day, I was in AMAZING shape. I was wearing my cute, pre-pregnancy clothes. I was walking around with CONFIDENCE. I was getting compliments on how GOOD I looked. People literally couldn’t believe that I was a new mom of TWINS!

Since then, my whole life has been different. I had another child at the beginning of this year, and within 10 weeks of having him, I was back to the same jean size that I was before I had him. I’ve figured it out. I’m walking, living proof that weight loss is ALL about having the right tools and knowing the right info. It’s not hard. It’s actually EASY once you know how to eat right and work out in the right amounts!

I’m now passing on what I’ve learned to others, because let’s face it – there is a LOT of misinformation out there! We’ve been LIED to over and over again, told the same false health facts day in and day out. No wonder so many people struggle to hit their goals!

Most people search and search for a “quick fix,” only to find that most of the people that offer “solutions” haven’t actually gone through the same process themselves. That’s not the case with me! I’ve BEEN through the hormone imbalances that work against your body. I’ve BEEN through the weight gain that I swear I can’t kick. I’ve BEEN through the pain of not being able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans. I KNOW how weight loss works, and it’s not as hard as everyone makes it out to be!

Join me in this FREE 30-Day group that will help you KICK INTO HIGH GEAR during the holidays. Kick that extra weight to the curb! I know how to make it fall off quickly, and if you follow my EASY tips and tricks for the next month, you may just be kickin’ it on New Year’s Eve in a BRAND NEW size!  🙂

In my “New Year, New You!” 30-Day Group, you’ll receive:

  • Healthy, Simple, DELICIOUS Recipes (That Your Family Will Love Too!) You Can Prepare In Advance
  • Full Grocery Lists That Will Save You Money And Help You Choose Smart Food Every Week
  • Food Preparation Training That Will Save You ENORMOUS Amounts Of Time In The Kitchen Every Week
  • Work Out Tips and Tricks That Will Amplify Your Metabolism Every Time
  • Weekly LIVE Training On What Food Combos You Should Avoid And WHY When Trying To Lose Weight (And More)
  • Lifetime Access To Our Private Facebook Group 
  • Motivation And Accountability That Will Keep You On Track To Hit Your 30-Day Goal
  • Permission To Focus On YOU For 30 Days WITHOUT Having To Abandon Your Kids For 2-3 Hours At A Gym Every Day

What Is Required in my 30-Day Group?

  • You MUST Be Willing To Follow My Process 100% For The Next 30 Days
  • You MUST Be Positive And Encouraging To The Other People In This Group
  • You MUST Have A CHEAT DAY Where You Can Eat WHATEVER YOU WANT For Dinner & Dessert. (Whaaaaattt??? Yes – I’m 100% Serious)

That’s IT! This group is all about helping you hit some serious weight loss and self-esteem goals that you’ve been DYING to get to in just 30 days. I’ve done it. I’ve seen others do it. It’s YOUR TURN. Give yourself the gift of health and LOVING who you are this year! You deserve it!

Join me NOW – I’m only taking 50 PEOPLE in this group!

Hurry and sign up using the form below. Once my 50 spots are gone, they are GONE! Once you’ve submitted this form, go to your email, click on the confirmation link I send you, and then you’re IN!

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