Email Marketing Management

$97.00 / month

Let Me Manage, Optimize, and Grow Your Email List!

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to create vibrant, engaged customer bases online. When you create a community through email, you can grow your business and increase your sales both on land and online!

If you are ready to create fabulous weekly campaigns, engage your email community, and grow your presence online and beyond, then this is for you. I will handle your weekly emails, watch your open rates, and help you create monthly strategies that will extend your reach and grow your audience like never before!


  1. 1-2 emails per week (written, scheduled, and sent for you)
  2. Community & relationship building 
  3. Analysis of email statistics
  4. Email and marketing strategy for your email list(s)

Let’s work together to take your business farther with email marketing! 

I’m ready when you are.