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The Social Media Manager Quick Start is the ULTIMATE, No-Nonsense Guide to Building Your Social Media Managing Biz to Five Figures in 12 Weeks or Less... Start Watching Sales Roll In Within Your First Week!

Module #1 – Research & Setup

  • Setting Up Your Seller Account for Success – Start-To-Finish Guide
  • Keyword Targeting Hacks for Pros
  • Master Copy Secrets & “Hot Terms” to Acquire Paying Clients Almost Instantly and Create an Unbeatable Seller Profile
DVD Image Social Media Quick Start
DVD Image Social Media Quick Start


Module #2 – Optimize and Cash In!

  • How to go from listed to FEATURED (without paying a dime in promotion costs!)
  • How to Optimize your Existing Social Media Pages So That Clients Book You Instead of the “Other Guy”

Mod Materials

  • Bio Template
  • Social Media Optimization Checklist

Module #3 – Grow & Learn

  • How to Build a Simple Website for Yourself in a Day or Less (And How to Start Selling This Service for your Clients!!)
  • How to Get FREE Tools to Simplify Your Website Build and Enhance its Features
  • How to Set Up An Email List, Get Hot Leads And Dominate Your Space Online
  • How to Get Your Clients on Auto-bill (and Never Worry About Invoicing Again!)
DVD Image Social Media Quick Start

Ready to Transform Your Life as a Social Media Manager? Let's DO THIS!