The Facebook Formula – LIVE Webinar Class

How to “Hack” the Infamous Algorithm, Boost Your Facebook Following by Thousands, and
Watch Your Business Take Off Like Never Before!

The secret is out – online business is BOOMING, and lots of people are taking to the #1 platform on the internet to reach more customers than ever before. But many once-enthusiastic business owners are finding it difficult to break through the noise of Facebook, and THAT DARN ALGORITHM seems to minimize engagement and stifle page growth for many small businesses. Sound familiar?

It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel like Facebook is constantly changing their formula for success – I FEEL YOU! I’ve worked with so many clients that have brilliant biz ideas, but they are so overwhelmed by things like maintaining a business page that rarely receives comments or shares, running a complicated ads manager that constantly changes terminology and adds new features, and coming up with fresh, new content to share on a daily basis. 

Well STOP RIGHT THERE, because I am here to tell you that there is an easy formula that will not only simplify your efforts on Facebook, but the incredibly concise strategies I teach every day will enhance your results on your business page, decrease your online marketing budget (by a TON), and dramatically increase your sales  – NO MATTER WHAT YOU SELL!

This is high-level training that most “experts”
don’t (or can’t) teach their clients!

You’ve heard ’em all… those “experts” that claim that they can get you 10,000 followers in 24 hours for free. Or the gurus that swear that their pricey programs will make you a six-figure earner in 30 days. Or my personal favorite… the “social media coaches” that are there to support you and inspire you while you “believe” you can make the money you’ve always dreamed of, but they don’t even have 1,000 people following them on Facebook! WHAT?? How could any one of these people ever help you get real results? That’s the problem… A lot of the info out there is bogus, and many self-proclaimed marketing trainers have little to no experience in the PPC (pay-per-click) world.

When I started out in digital marketing, the only major source of online ads was Google itself. Long story short, since then, Facebook has completely taken over the online marketing space (um… Google literally buys ad space FROM FACEBOOK now!! Oh how the tables turn…), and now, it’s more evolved and sophisticated than ever. There’s too many people out there claiming to understand Facebook business that are going to teach you how to do it the expensive, non-efficient way, because too many people have only been on the platform long enough to make a pretty page and send out the ad you just saw! You need real experience and real strategies to coach people in this field, and the sad truth is that most trainers in this field just don’t know what they’re doing – good intentions aside.

I’ve been working with clients on their websites and their Facebook marketing for many years, and
I’m ready to cut to the chase with you and show you exactly how to do this thing! 

Join me on July 30, 2018 for this LIVE training, where I’ll teach you:

  • How to hack the Facebook algorithm and see higher engagement and a massive increase in sales
  • How to consistently grow your page with real, engaged followers
  • How to post the ideal content at the ideal time for maximum reach in the Facebook feed
  • How to optimize your web pages to work with Facebook more smoothly
  • How to increase your sales in an online store using *FREE* tools on Facebook
  • How to increase your daily and weekly engagement using only $5 a day in ad spend
  • How to take a peek into your competitors’ strategies and improve on their ideas (completely honestly and ethically!)
  • How to find your ideal customer and bring them to your page effortlessly
  • How to sell your product well without becoming “salesy” and overbearing online
  • How to create the ideal ad without using all of the complicated features in Facebook’s Ad Manager
  • How to get followers for pennies and cut your ad spend in half (or more!)
  • How to price your products and programs and maximize your online sales
  • How and where to find million-dollar headlines and copy that you can use for *FREE*
  • How to put your business on auto-drive so you can enjoy more time with your family and friends
  • How to create a product or service that sells EVERY TIME



This two-hour webinar includes a Q&A session.
Hop on with me LIVE and ask me anything!

In addition to the high-level training I’ll be teaching, everyone who attends live will have a chance to talk to me on the webinar about anything! I can even review your copyrighting, take a look at a sales page and critique it for you, or help you brainstorm on WHAT you want to sell or what type of business you should create based on your strengths and passions. This is valuable, one-on-one time with me that I don’t offer anywhere else. The bottom line is, I want you to walk away ready to make money IMMEDIATELY after this incredible training experience.


It’s time to finally break free of the roadblocks you’ve been facing on Facebook and reach the success you’ve been dreaming of!







Stay tuned for more exciting classes coming in the next few months! 🙂