3 Tips For Getting The Most Bang for Your Breakfast


Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day, but what is the secret to crafting the perfect breakfast and fuel your morning well? Here are 3 tips to help you build a healthy, energizing breakfast that will not only keep you full, but that you’ll LOVE every time!

    1. Add a Smart Carb

      Carbs get a bad rap, but the reality is, they are what give us energy. There are lots of healthy carbs to choose from like whole wheat bread, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and MILK (I know – you don’t hear about milk as a carb very often, but an 8 ounce glass is actually considered a serving of carbs!). Choose a carb to add some oomph to your breakfast.


    1. Snatch some fruit

      Fruit is obviously good for you, but it’s REALLY good for you at breakfast time. Turns out, your body is best equipped to absorb the many nutrients in fruit when you have nothing in your stomach. Moral of the story? Fruit will love your body and keep you full longer if you add a serving to your morning feast.


  1. Get that protein

    Protein is ESSENTIAL in giving you energy and curbing your cravings throughout the day, so you should try to incorporate it into all of your meals, but ESPECIALLY breakfast. There are lots of protein options, like Greek yogurt, Quinoa, protein powder (like Shakeology – YUM), and eggs, so you have no excuse to skip this addition to your breakfasts!

Rest assured, if you consistently add these pieces to your breakfast, you’re going to feel full and happy all the way up until your next meal!

Bon appétit!

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P.S. – My favorite protein shake recipe fulfills ALL of these requirements, and what’s easier than a protein shake for breakfast?  Head over HERE if you want to see that amazingly simple and delicious recipe. It’s my go-to every morning!

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