Your inner “wiring” and why your business might not be succeeding….

I just went LIVE a little bit ago about how many of my clients have been able to turn their businesses around with just two simple adjustments.

It’s really easy to look at another successful business and then look at your own, which may be struggling, and wonder, “What the heck am I doing wrong????? I’m doing everything I can think of to make this successful!!!!”

Have you ever thought about your inner “wiring” and how that’s affecting your progress? I’m kind of wondering if you are doing something that you’re not programmed for… like… something you see other people doing really well in, but not necessarily something that SCREAMS “you” or makes you so excited about life. The truth is, just because it makes so-and-so a ton of money DOESN’T mean that YOU are going to excel in the same business.

Let me be clear – This isn’t me trying to discourage you. This is me trying to FREE YOU.

I’ve had several businesses or business ideas FLOP on me. Why? Because I was doing something that was so unnatural to me that I was killing myself to get stuff done every day! That may be where you’re at, and I’m asking… no – BEGGING you to do a full 180° and change that, because you CAN, and the world needs you to be in your element!

The other issue I focus on in my video is trying to do absolutely everything. Following every shiny object that comes into your view is a recipe for f-a-i-l-u-r-e. It’s a fast pass to burn out and major money loss, and in a business, those are two things that will not only kill the business you’re working on, but suck the enthusiasm out of that bright, entrepreneurial spirit I know you have. If you want to hit a huge financial goal this year, there is still plenty of time, but start with ONE THING. Start small with one big idea! Don’t think of it as minimizing – think of it as SIMPLIFYING. Find what works, test, test, test, repeat. That’s the recipe for real business success.

Don’t get discouraged because one business idea that you are working on isn’t working for you. Get excited, because you’re coming to realize that your MANTLE, your CALLING in life is not what you’ve been doing. Be excited knowing that all that grinding and pain and exhaustion that you’ve been experience from the failures in your business have lead you to this moment – where you suddenly have that “lightbulb” moment about what you actually want for yourself! That takes courage. That takes soul searching. That takes guts!

So go out there and get it. Go out there and finally do what you have always wanted to do! I believe in you. I believe in your gifts. I know you have a calling, even if you don’t know what it is yet. You are brilliant and remarkable and a LEADER. I am always here for you if you need more guidance on how to walk in that purpose and how to support your journey with the financial abundance you have been dreaming of.

(P.S. – I’m so excited to talk more about this topic in my upcoming book, “How to Do it All (Without Doing it All,” which I’m *hoping* will be ready to release by the end of the year!)

Stay amazing!!!

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