How To Easily Drink A Gallon of Water a Day

Water Jug

When I tell people that I shoot for a GALLON of water a day, they either look at me like I’m crazy or I’m Superwoman.

I assure you, I am neither. LOL! The reality is, our bodies really need at least 1/2 gallon of water every day just to function the way they should. My body feels way thirsty unless I’m pretty close to a gallon every day, so I always shoot for that (plus, it helps with a million different things, like skin, hair, and nail health, energy, bowel function, and increasing metabolism. I could go on and on).

So how is it done? How do you drink that much water without it CONSUMING your life and focus?

Here’s 3 ideas that can help you hit that water goal a little easier:

  1. Fill up an empty milk jug at the beginning of every day and have a mental goal for where you want to be at different points of the day
  2. Buy a large water bottle and calculate how many you would have to drink during the day to reach your goal
  3. Get a bunch of small water bottles and calculate how many you would need to drink during the day to reach your goal

I wouldn’t try to just go with the “8 glasses of water” thing. Technically, that’s about 1/2 gallon, but everyone’s “cup” of water is different unless you’re measuring it every time you fill up a glass. Additionally, a water bottle or milk jug spout makes the water more manageable, leaving less room for air bubbles (which will make you fill full of water faster) on the way down.

Make sure, no matter what method you use, that you keep the water in sight the entire day. You’ll find, just like with extra food (with which you should NOT use the same method… haha), you’ll naturally reach for it more often, even mindlessly, when it’s within sight at all times.

And it’s that simple! Your metabolism will be on FIRE, and you’ll find that you sleep better, feel more energized, lose weight faster, and have better health in general when you do this simple thing every day!

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